QURIOSITY is an Inria project-team, joint with Télécom ParisInstitut Polytechnique de Paris. The team is part of LTCI (Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l’Information) and is affiliated with the Inria Saclay Research Center.

QURIOSITY’s ambition is to extend the application horizon of quantum information science by addressing novel questions positioned at the intersection between theoretical research in quantum information and quantum engineering. In particular, we intend to exploit the properties of complex high-dimensional quantum systems to achieve advantages in computational or communication tasks, taking advantage of digital information processing and quantum photonics technologies.

QURIOSITY is also an active member of the newly founded Quantum Saclay Center in which Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Université Paris-Saclay are joining their forces in order to build a leading international ecosystem on quantum technologies. The team is moreover well positioned at National and European levels, member of the Paris Region regional network on quantum technologies (DIM QuanTiP) and currently taking part in several projects from the European Quantum Technology Flagship and French National Quantum Strategy.

Recent news

11 Dec 2023    Concours Technologique du DIM QuanTiP

Congratulations to Thomas Van Himbeeck who earned second prize at the DIM QuanTiP technologies competition.

18 Nov 2023    Five contributed talks at QIP 2024.

The QTY team has 5 accepted talks at this year’s QIP. Congratulations to Cambyse, Jan, Tom and Peter. Videos of this year’s talks can now be found here.

01 Oct 2023    Augustin Vanrietvelde joins QURIOSITY

We’re very happy to welcome Augustin Vanrietvelde as a new Associate Professor in our team.

15 Jul 2023    New recruitment - Mirjam Weilenmann

We’re delighted to announce that Mirjam Weilenmann will be joining our group as a CRCN Inria researcher in July 2024.

23 Feb 2023    PhD Defense - Yuan Yao

Congratulations to Yuan who successfully defended her PhD thesis Automated design of photonic quantum circuits.